I am a writer who makes things.

Not typewriters, but things.

It took me a long time to realize that writing and making are the only two things I really want to do. So that's what you're going to see here: the things I write and make. Might as well put them on the internet, eh?

What will you see here?

I have a home office that's a sort of physical representation of my mind. It's a tightly-packed, orchestrated mess of overstuffed bookshelves, files, notebooks, artwork dating back to my Kindergarten years, and countless notes and mementos. I feel lucky to have this space, this mental museum where I can collect my experiences and stew in a creative marinade. In here, I feel equipped to pursue what I've come to decide is the only thing worth pursuing.

This website will be a version of the office--a cross-section of me. Thanks for being here. I hope you see something you like.


I have contributed hundreds of articles to Hackaday, an electronics blog that chronicles fresh hacks as they emerge from the global community of makers and tinkerers.

Everything else on this site is my responsibility.

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